Histopathology Slide Box (Diabetes) - Med Sci 4900F/G


A number of slides have been scanned and provided for you as examples of diabetes and its consequences in kidney (with a rodent animal model). You are provided with two sets of slides:

A link to a graduate pathology collection is also provided for you to have a look at some additional examples of normal kidney (in human tissue). See the section on "Urinary Tract" and the first slide showing normal kidney. This very nicely illustrates the normal appearance of proximal and distal tubules and the glomeruli.

Through the WebViewer (simply click on the image or the Webviewer link) you will be able to pan (move over the slide in all directions) and zoom (go from low power to high power) to examine each slide. Start by looking at the slides at low power and look for differences across the tissue in color, shape, or other features. Then zoom up to higher powers (in most slides the maximum magnification is 20X) and see what changes you can see in individual cells.

You can also download and view the images through an application called ImageScope that is available for free through Aperio (registration is required). This application allows you to make annotations and measurements on your slides.


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