Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine - Digital Slidebox


We are always adding and updating digital images to this area to provide a virtual microscopy slidebox of images illustrating general pathological processes as well as diseases of particular systems. Images can be viewed directly through your browser with no need for a plug-in (in Web Viewer mode) or using a software application from Aperio, ImageScope, that is available for download from their website (available for free but registration is required).

Cases and slides are available for viewing for our medical, dental, graduate and undergraduate basic medical sciences students.

General Pathology

Examples of Cell Injury, Adaptation and Cell Death.

Inflammation I

Inflammation and Repair


Disturbed Hemodynamics

Graduate Students

Graduate Histopathology: Virtual Microscope Study Guide

Medical Science 4900F/G

Histology Slidebox - Diabetes and its Effects on Kidney